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okładka magazynu Risk Focus, na górze czarno-białe zdjęcie, na dole złote tło a na nim białe napisy

Risk Focus
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It is a project whose goal is to build a community around the brand and provide professional knowledge, and inspire in the work of insurance agents and brokers. The goal is implemented i.e. by a bilingual (Polish-English) quarterly published for insurance agents and brokers associated with the ERGO Hestia group and online employer branding activities.

rozkładówka magazynu Risk Focus, po prawej stornie szara grafika z marionetką, po prawej tekst


Cyber ​​threats and technological risks are a common threat. Knowledge is needed to sell insurance products that provide adequate protection. And knowledge – for people selling insurance – is not at the same level.

Through this project, we want to increase the awareness of people working in the insurance industry in the field of damage prevention and risks in various areas: moral, technological, construction and dust-related.

Risk dwie okładki


Since 2018, Skivak provides comprehensive implementation of all editions of „Risk Focus”, both Polish and English.

Because our goal is to build a community around the brand and their most important topics, that’s why we expanded our activities by creating a digital publication that disseminates knowledge about cyber threats, types of attacks and conscious use of the network. We also created an animation about cybersecurity.

We also supported building the employer’s brand through animation and creating a series of internal newsletters showing the benefits of well-being.

Risk rozkładówka wybuch
widok elektronicznej ulotki - czarne i czerwone infografiki


The magazine is printed on precious Sora Matt volumetric paper – with a deep matt surface finish, which allows achieving a refined effect of photos prepared by creative graphic designers. Environmental issues are also important, and the use of Sora Matt paper allows a less consumption of raw material and greater comfort in using the publication.

The cover vignette has golden pantone, which adds to it nobility.

  • Klient:

    • ERGO Hestia
  • Branża:

    • insurance
  • Usługi:

    • Design
    • Editing and proof reading
    • Illustrations
    • Key Visual
    • Newsletter
    • Video animations
ilustracja - nadgryzione czarne ciasteczko z okruszkami, w środku napis skivak

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